About Us

Distributing the Finest Cuts Since 1985

Our Story

The old school neighborhood butcher is no longer with us and the supermarkets have chosen not to be in the meat business, but rather use their meat counter as a loss-leader…

At Cooney Meats & Seafood we have the formula and are bringing it home to you with an ever expanding line of All Natural Beef given a vegetarian diet and locally grown here in California.

All Natural Beef, which means NEVER-EVER is there a hormone or antibiotic introduced into our steer and the cattle are raised on grassland and finished with grain for the buttery flavor and texture beef should have when you bite into it. And, ours and your economic resources stay in the state of California, and that method of doing business is expanding throughout our product line. We are also pleased to have a full line of Premium Midwestern Corn Fed Beef to offer you, as well.

GRASS FED BEEF is our latest addition.  Grown in Australia and NEVER-EVER given an antibiotic or hormone we are pleased to be adding new cuts of this healthy alternative to our always evolving product line.

We are pleased to feature All Natural California Poultry, Seafood found in pristine waters from all around world, as well as, Pork and Lamb (New Zealand or Domestic).

The Neighborhood Butcher is back on wheels marketing and distributing fine cuts in Southern California today, since 1985.

Thank you for your interest.

Sean K. Cooney – Founder