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SIRLOIN FILET a lean closely trimmed steak that’s quick and easy to prepare

SKIRT juicy and tender outside skirt, lightly seasoned for the grill or oven

FLAT IRON this trendy steak is filet tender and rib eye flavorful … a must try (only 4 per steer)

RIB EYE center cut from the prime rib, tender and flavorful on the grill or in the broiler

NEW YORK STRIP this particular cut of steak is prized for its lean flavor and tenderness

T – BONE enjoy the intensified flavor of the New York Steak dawn from its bone

PORTERHOUSE a T – Bone steak with a Filet Mignon on the other side of the New York Strip

FILET MIGNON the most tender cut, pure elegance

TRI TIP rubbed in herbs, this juicy roast is great grilled or roasted

STEWING BEEF Tri Tip brochettes, cubed succulence for any dish

KABOBS grill or stove top, all beef, lightly seasoned

PREMIUM GROUND BEEF lean and juicy for all your favorite recipes

PREMIUM BEEF PATTIES lean and juicy for the grill, a long time favorite of our customers


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BONELESS CHOPS Midwestern choice pork is tender, flavorful and wont dry out

MAPLE INFUSED CHOPS bone-in and infused with maple and brown sugar for an excellent flavor and tenderness

BABY BACK RIBS meaty, meaty, meaty

MAPLE INFUSED PORK CROWN the king of pork roasts, the bones are frenched and it comes infused with maple and brown sugar


LAMB CHOPS lamb lovers are always satisfied with this mild and tender chop

RACK OF LAMB source from New Zealand, they are Frenched with rib bones cleaned and exposed

GROUND LAMB a flavorful option for an array of dishes at home


BONELESS & SKINLESS BREATS all natural triple trimmed

MARINATED BREASTS lemon herb, cajun and teriyaki

CORDON BLEU boneless skinless breast stuffed with ham and swiss cheese

MARCO POLO boneless skinless breast stuffed with broccoli and cheese

BREADED TENDERS lightly breaded with herbs, great baked in 20 minutes

LYNDBERG HALVES herb encrusted hens, halved for easy portions


JUMBO SHRIMP peeled and deveined

JUMBO SEA SCALLOPS tender and succulent

CRAB CAKES breaded and ready to bake, a family favorite

HALIBUT mild white filets

NORWEGIAN SALMON FILET straight from Norway, considered the finest salmon in the world

SWORDFISH STEAK from the deep and pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean

AHI sashimi grade

ORANGE ROUGHY from the pristine waters of New Zealand

TILAPIA trendy and mild